Free PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus is a premium subscription that delivers free games, huge discounts and great exclusives for just over $4 a month.*

Of course you don’t want to pay $50 to get PlayStation Plus so I have steps listed which if you follow you can get a free PlayStation Plus 12 month card or 3 month card emailed to you!

  1. First, you have to join the free rewards website. After you get accepted, you will receive a email, you MUST confirm your account before you begin. After you MUST fill in the information in your profile.
  2. Now that you have completed your profile, you will want to start earning points toward your free PlayStation Plus Membership by completing your first survey.
  3. After you have completed a few surveys, you can claim your free PlayStation Plus Membership from the rewards website. After you receive your free PlayStation Plus Membership, you are free to enter it into your PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4!

Free PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus Online

Play PlayStation 4 Online With Your Friends

PlayStation Plus allows you to play online with the diverse community on the PlayStation Network with your PS4!


Free Games

As a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you’ll have access to free games every month on PlayStation Store. Expand your library with free PS3 system games, minis and PSone Classics, included FREE with your subscription.

PlayStation Plus Game Library

PlayStation Plus Discounts

Huge Discounts

Save money on select PlayStation Store purchases with discounts up to 50%. Some publishers even give Plus subscribers the royal treatment with discounts on all of their available content on PlayStation Store.

Exclusive Features

PlayStation Plus automatically downloads select demos, patches and firmware updates to your PS3 system so you never have to worry about it or lift a finger. In addition, the new Online Storage for Game Saves feature allows you to store up to 150MB of game saves and a maximum of 1000 data files to the network.

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Early Access to Demos & Priority
Beta Invites

Occasionally Plus subscribers get early access to demos and priority in certain betas. As a Plus subscriber, you get special treatment and can be the first to get your hands on demos like Killzone 3, PlayStation Move Heroes and About a Blob.

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Full Game Trials

It’s like a 1-hour game rental and a great way to try before you buy. In the past, we’ve featured games like Red Faction Guerrilla, inFamous, Mass Effect 2 and Borderlands.

Free PlayStation Plus Subscription

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